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Website Review

Website Review
Your first step to a great first impression.

Does your website make the best introduction possible? Does it clearly tell the story of your business, compellingly differentiate you from your competitors, and effectively showcase your products and services? Or does it distract from your message with unclear wording, detract from your perceived value with grammar, punctuation, and usage errors, and miss out on valuable SEO opportunities?

Find out with our website review!

Whether you have just created your small business website, or it’s been a few years since you last updated your website and it needs a fresh look, we are here to help you make the best impression possible. We provide a detailed website review with customized recommendations for improving your website’s user experience, site structure, ease of navigation, messaging, images, and untapped SEO opportunities. We can help you develop a clean, compelling, and professional-looking website that uniquely showcases your company and its products and services.

Not ready for a detailed review?

Request our free initial assessment of

your website’s primary challenges.

We are also happy to provide competitor website reviews to ensure that your website compares favorably for potential customers.


Proofing & Editing

Don't forget to wash up.

There is no reason your small business website needs to seem smalltime. You work hard to offer your customers quality products and flawless service, and we believe your website should reflect that. Let us help you highlight your company’s services, story, and distinctives with compelling, persuasive, and visually-appealing copy. Our range of proofing and editing services can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Maybe you are content with your website copy and simply need a second pair of eyes to help you spot lurking grammar, punctuation, and usage errors. Perhaps you need help phrasing a challenging concept well, or you are struggling to distill wandering, lengthy text into a concentrated, powerful call to action. Perhaps you aren’t sure why but your website just doesn’t read smoothly and you could use some help with organization and style. Or maybe you are creating your small business website from scratch and don’t even know where to start in the writing process. Perhaps you simply you need help selecting professional fonts and colors.


Whatever your editing needs, we are here to help!  


Website Design & Development

Dress for the occasion.

Just as you wouldn’t want to meet potential clients in a tattered suit, you shouldn’t present them with a threadbare website. If you can't remember the last time you made substantial changes to your website, chances are it could use a fresh look and updated content. We can work with you to design a new website from the ground up, or we can help you identify areas of your website that appear outdated and ensure that you are not missing key but often overlooked elements that no small business website can afford to do without. 

Maybe you need responsive web design for a great mobile user experience. Or you want to accept online payments, introduce scheduling and signup capability, add a blog, create a survey, or include social media feed in your site. Perhaps you just need an effective header and footer, clear contact and location information, and a well-placed call to action.

Whatever your website needs—whether cosmetic touch-ups, functional additions, or a complete makeover—we are here to help! We will gladly research, recommend, and implement elegant, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs. Together we can improve the form and function of your website so you can make a great first impression.


Search Engine Optimization

Speak up.

When potential customers search for your products and services, are they able to hear you over the cacophony of businesses competing for their attention? We can help your website speak up loud and clear!


We follow industry best practices designed to appeal to your visitors and search engines alike. We emphasize on-page SEO to optimize your domain, pages, images, links, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness.

When potential customers are looking for your services, we want them to find you! 

If you are looking for off-page SEO assistance or a complete social media marketing strategy, we are happy to provide recommendations.


Online Newsletters

Cultivate relationships.

Online newsletters can be an effective way to connect with and develop an ongoing relationship with customers. Let us help you make sure that each newsletter you send out represents your brand accurately and well.

We can work with you to design professional and purposeful newsletters that contain an attention-grabbing subject line; a clear, well-written message; relevant content; and an effective call to action. Whether you need A/B testing or simple proofreading, we are available to help you build on that great first impression.

We can also assist with ensuring that your business offers consistent messaging and branding across your newsletters, website, and other promotional materials.


Mailers & Brochures

Make some new friends.

Mailers and brochures can reach new customers and grow your local business, but before you order another set of last year's brochures, let us take a look!


We can help you design or edit printed promotional materials that effectively showcase your company's services. We will work with you to create appealing, intuitive layouts for your key graphics and text. We can also condense and invigorate your copy, helping you capitalize on the limited space available.

We can also assist with ensuring that your business offers consistent messaging and branding across your newsletters, website, and other promotional materials.


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